The Difference between Deadline and Due Date

Abstracts Due Date

Abstracts may be submitted after the due date, but they must be reviewed and accepted in order to submit a paper.  You should submit your abstract as early as possible since you must plan for ITAR and Internal releases for publication. If your release has not been processed by your Company, we cannot accept a paper after the Paper Submission Deadline.

Paper Submission Deadline

This date is a hard deadline since we schedule a Paper Review Day involving hundreds of people and must print papers in preparation. There are no exceptions.  This is mechanical, not arbitrary. If you miss this deadline, you do not have a paper in the Conference.

Final Paper Due Date

Papers may be submitted after the due date, but presentation date, time and venue in the Conference Schedule can no longer be negotiated. For your paper to be published and to retain your Schedule slot, you must also have provided your indication you will register for the Conference and present your paper. As soon as you know all this or even sooner, you should execute the eCF copyright function.

Final Paper and Copyright Deadline

This date is hard since that's when we go to publication with final schedules. Again, this is mechanical, not arbitrary. Copyright assignments and Final papers will not be accepted after the Final Paper Deadline, and there are no refunds if you registered.