2015 IEEE Aerospace Conference
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Preliminary Schedule

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Sun, Mar 6 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Talus Room @ Summit Hotel
8:00 AM (MT)                    
4:30 PM (MT) 4.1401 On the Observability of Spacecraft Navigation Using Landmarks - Evan Ward 7.0104 Benchmarking and Testing of Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC for JPL Space Applications and Missions - Zaid Towfic 2.0701 Microfluidic Inorganic Conductivity Detector for Europa (MicroICE) Using Capacitive Coupling - Chinmayee Govinda Raj 2.0101 VERITAS (VENUS EMISSIVITY, RADIO SCIENCE, INSAR, TOPOGRAPHY and SPECTROSCOPY): A DISCOVERY MISSION - Suzanne Smrekar 9.0302 OMIA: MH-60R Helicopter Desktop Crew Trainer & AOP Experimentation Tool - Robert Richards 6.0901 Consensus as Observations: Multi-timescale Sensor Fusion and Control - Sarah Kitchen 5.0101 Investigation of Mirror Satellite Concept to Provide Augmented Lighting for Dim Space-Based Objects - Collin Gwaltney 13.0103 Impact of Level of Autonomy on Space Systems Sizing and System-of-Systems Metrics - Cesare Guariniello    
4:55 PM (MT) 4.1403 Scheduling PNT Service Requests from Non-dedicated Lunar Constellations - Samantha Niemoeller 7.0106 ASIC Flow for Space RadTolerance- Part 2 Application to High Performance Computing Requirements - Steven Guertin 2.0702 Identifying Biosignatures on Planetary Surfaces with Laser-based Mass Spectrometry - Peter Wurz 2.0102 NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar (NISAR) Mission: System Integration & Test - Pamela Hoffman 9.0304 Distributed Aperture System Field of View Investigation - Chiawei Lee 6.0902 Submodular Optimization via Reinforcement Learning for Active Control of Sensor Networks - Denis Garagic 5.0102 Simulations for the Performance of the Wide Field Instrument on the Roman Space Telescope - Benjamin Cromey 13.0104 The Environment-Vulnerability-Decision-Technology Framework for Decision Support in Indonesia - Seamus Lombardo    
5:20 PM (MT) 4.1404 SPEED+: Next-Generation Dataset for Spacecraft Pose Estimation across Domain Gap - Tae Ha Park 7.0107 Onboard Hyperspectral Image Classification via Transfer Learning for Comm-Limited Spacecraft - Justin Goodwill Plenary Setup 2.0103 Surface Biology and Geology (SBG) Visible to Short Wavelength Infrared (VSWIR) Instrument Concept - Robert Green   6.0904 Artificial Intelligence Fusion of Information for Aerospace (AIFIA) Systems - Erik Blasch 5.0103 Reconstruction of the NuSTAR PSF Using Single-laser Metrology - Hannah Earnshaw 13.0105 Flight Software Dictionary Development for the Perseverance Rover - Matt Muszynski    
5:50 PM (MT) Plenary: Plenary TBA
8:05 PM (MT) Plenary: Neutralizing Antibodies Against Coronaviruses
Pamela Bjorkman

9:00 PM (MT) 4.1408 Robust Vision-based Multi-spacecraft Guidance Navigation Control Using CNN-based Pose Estimation - Jonathan Becktor 7.0702 Accelerated Radiation Test on Quantized Neural Networks Trained with Fault Aware Training - Giulio Gambardella 2.0703 The Lunar Cosmic-Ray and Neutron Spectrometer: Phase-A Design and Technology Studies - Martin Losekamm 2.0105 Near-Earth Object Surveyor Overview - Tom Hoffman 9.0311 (Explainable) Artificial Intelligence in Aerospace Safety-Critical Systems - Sujitra Sutthithatip 6.0905 Hardware Development for Joint Sparse Decentralized Heterogeneous Data Fusion for Target Estimation - Dan Shen 5.0301 Implementing Achromatic Diffractive Waveplate Optics with Thin, Uniformly Birefringent Layers - Nelson Tabiryan 13.0109 Lessons Learned from the Implementation of DOORS for the SUDA Instrument on Europa Clipper - Wendy Frank    
9:25 PM (MT) 4.1410 Vision-Based Spacecraft Relative Pose Estimation in Variable Lighting Conditions - Evan Kramer 7.0704 RadPC@Scale: A Novel Approach to the RadPC Single Event Upset Mitigation Strategy - Justin Williams 2.0704 Direct Measurement of Neutral Gas during Hypervelocity Planetary Flybys - Rico Fausch 2.0106 NANCY GRACE ROMAN SPACE TELESCOPE OBSERVATORY IMPLEMENTATION and CHALLENGES - Lisa Bartusek 2.0114 The DAVINCI Mission: Flight System Design Technical Overview - Michael Sekerak 6.0906 Harris-Lovassy N-Dimensional Rule of Combination - Dan Harris 5.0302 Lunar CADRE - a CubeSat Array for the Detection of RF Emissions from Exoplanets - Jose Velazco 13.0110 Evolution and Analysis of the Psyche Mission’s End-to-End Information System Architecture - Robert Moore    
9:50 PM (MT)     2.0707 L3VIN: Lunar-Laser-Lab for Volatiles INvestigation. a CLPS-compatible in Situ Lunar Instrument - Evan Eshelman 2.0107 Heliophysics Environmental & Radiation Measurement Experiment Suite (HERMES) - Kristen Brown       13.0113 STPA Analysis over the Earlier Phases of Brazilian Aerospace Products Life Cycle Using OPM - Guilherme Moreira    
Mon, Mar 7 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Talus Room @ Summit Hotel
8:30 AM (MT) 4.0501 Preparing the Mars Relay Network for the Arrival of the Perseverance Rover at Mars - Roy Gladden 8.0101 The 2033 Crewed Mars Flyby Mission - Ben Donahue 7.0201 Radiation-Hardened VITA 65/78 Payload Module - Elaine Cox 2.0302 Mid-Air Helicopter Delivery at Mars Using a Jetpack - Jeff Delaune 3.01:Keynote:How we Changed the World using Silicon-based Phased-Arrays: Leaving the Broadcast Marconi Era and ... - Gabriel Rebeiz 10.0104 A Method for Incorporating QCM Thermo-Gravimetric Assessment Data in Contamination Modeling - John Anderson 9.0101 Flight Test Comparison of Three Air Vehicles Flying an Urban Air Mobility Mission Trajectory - Brian Kish 12.0101 Soil Moisture Active Passive: Flying a Spacecraft from Home - Masashi Mizukami   2.0201 ESTCube-2: The Experience of Developing a Highly Integrated CubeSat Platform - Janis Dalbins
8:55 AM (MT) 4.0503 Implementing Low-Density Parity-Check Channel Codes in the Mars Relay Network - Neil Chamberlain 8.0102 Locally Optimal Trajectories from Low Lunar Orbit to near Rectilinear Halo Orbits - Matt Harris 7.0207 Distributed Sample Processing System Using SpaceFibre for High Bandwidth Frontier Radio Applications - Michael Cerabona 2.0303 Ultrasonic Altimeter for Titan Landers - Jarrett Wehle 10.0105 A Mathematical Model for the Analysis of Jet Engine Fuel Consumption during Aircraft Take-off - Francisco Velásquez-SanMartín 9.0102 A Low-Cost Airborne Surrogate Test Satellite for Space Control Network Ground Station Testing - Chiawei Lee 12.0102 How Do We Get Robots to Take Self-portraits on Mars? - Perseverance-Ingenuity and Curiosity Selfies - Vandi Verma   2.0202 Interstellar Object Encounter Trade Space Exploration - Benjamin Donitz
9:20 AM (MT) 4.0505 Lunar Communications Services with Emphasis on Commercialization - John Ware 8.0103 Artemis Deep Space Habitation: Enabling a Sustained Human Presence on the Moon and Beyond - Paul Kessler 7.0301 Automated Test and Acceptance System for the Development of Highly-Efficient CubeSat Battery Packs - Bennet Schwab 2.0304 Landing Site Selection with a Variable-Resolution SLAM-Refined Map - Corey Marcus 3.0101 Mathematical Techniques for near Field Radiation Pattern Characterization of Digital Arrays - Thomas Williamson 10.0106 Incorporating Pedestrian Movement in Computational Models of COVID-19 Spread during Air-travel - Sirish Namilae 9.0206 A Comparison of Gate Detection Algorithms for Autonomous Racing Drones - Arti Schmidt 12.0103 Single Event Functional Interrupts during the Cruise and EDL Phases of the Mars 2020 Mission - Gregory Dubos   2.0203 A Preliminary Investigation Using Aerogravity Assist Trajectories to Mercury - Divinaa Burder
9:45 AM (MT) 4.0506 Adapting Commercial 5G Networks for Space - Oscar Somerlock 8.0104 Designing Flexible Human-Centered Interfaces for Future EVA Operations - Tushar Gupta 7.0302 Electrical Ground Support Equipment for the Sampling Caching System of the Mars 2020 Rover - Fernando Mier-Hicks 2.0305 CPEG: A Convex Predictor-corrector Entry Guidance Algorithm - Kevin Tracy 3.0202 Development of a Large Loop Antenna Deployment System for TEM-Based Subsurface Mars Water Detection - Patrick McGarey 10.0110 A Statistical Learning Approach to Missile System Modeling - Roy Hartfield 9.0208 A Comparative Analysis of Energy Management Strategies for a Fuel-Cell Hybrid Electric System UAV - Mohamed Elkerdany 12.0104 Cross-Cutting Flight Infrastructure Improvements on M2020 - Andre Girerd   2.0204 Future of Mars Rotorcraft - Mars Science Helicopter - Theodore Tzanetos
10:10 AM (MT) 4.0401 Time-Transfer from Terrestrial GPS for Distributed Lunar Surface Communication Networks - Sriramya Bhamidipati 8.0106 NASA’s Artemis Human Landing Systems - Laura Means 7.0303 Ssdev-Ecat: A Configurable Motion Control Server for Mars 2020 Hardware Testbeds - Daniel Levine 2.0307 Mars 2020 Entry, Descent, and Landing Software Implementation - Mallory Lefland 3.0206 How to Deploy a 10-km Interferometric Radio Telescope on the Moon with Just Four Tethered Robots - Patrick McGarey 10.0111 Providence – a Deep Learning Framework for Time-to-Event Prediction - Stephen Fox 9.0210 Smart Cities – Automatic Power Lines Inspection - Rodrigo Rangel 12.0105 Making or Breaking a Rover: System Engineering Parameters On-Board the Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover - Rebekah Siegfriedt   2.0205 Towards Space Mission as a Service - Leonardo Camargo Forero
10:35 AM (MT) 4.0402 Time of Arrival Modeling, Estimation and Bounds for Precision Two-way Time Transfer and Ranging - Thomas Bidigare 8.0107 The JEANNE Habitat Design for a 2033 Crewed Mars Mission - Neil McHenry   2.0308 Real-World Testing of LiDAR-Inertial Based Navigation and Mapping for Precision Landing - Timothy Setterfield 3.0301 Radar Back End for NASA/ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar (NISAR) Instrument - Momin Quddus   9.0211 Visual Modeling System for Real-Time Optimal Trajectory Planning for Autonomous Aerial Drones - Skye Mceowen 12.0106 CloudSat ACT-TWO, Design, Analysis and Results - Heidi Hallowell   2.0207 Practical Interstellar Probe Concepts: Mission Study Results - James Kinnison
11:00 AM (MT) 4.0403 Mars 2020 Entry, Descent, and Landing as Observed by Radio Science Techniques at UHF and X-band - Dustin Buccino 8.0108 NASA’s Strategic Analysis Cycle 2021 (SAC21) Human Mars Mission Architecture - Michelle Rucker   2.0310 Reconstructed Performance of the Mars 2020 Parachute Decelerator System - Ian Clark 3.0302 HERMES Radio: Energy and Spectral Efficient Transmitter Architectures for Small Satellites - Visweswaran Karunanithi   9.0212 Design and Model Predictive Control of a Mars Coaxial Quadrotor - Akash Patel 12.0108 On the Operational Challenges of Coordinating a Helicopter and a Rover Mission on Mars - Farah Alibay   2.0208 Ceres Human Exploration & Transit Architecture: A Concept Mission for Human Exploration of Ceres - Jessica Todd
11:25 AM (MT) 4.0405 Interstellar Probe: Telecommunications Design Trades - Reza Ashtari 8.0109 Architecture Robustness in NASA’s Moon to Mars Capability and Element Development - Alexander Burg   2.0311 Reconstructed Performance of the InSight Lander's Supersonic Parachute & Comparison with Phoenix - Clara O'Farrell 3.0303 Structure-integrated Antennas for Solar Sails - Nicolas Appel     12.0109 Building a Lifeboat: MSL's Uplink and Installation Campaign to Restore a Failing Backup Computer - Nicholas Peper   2.0211 Design Considerations for Walker Constellations to Reduce Response Time of Data Downlink - Manwei Chan
11:50 AM (MT) 13.0310 COMPACT KNN V2: Analogy-Based Cost Estimation Model for CubeSats - Melissa Hooke 8.0110 Artemis: An Overview of NASA’s Activities to Return Humans to the Moon - Darcy Elburn   2.0312 Decoding the Descent Dynamics of the Huygens Probe - Ralph Lorenz           2.0212 ESCAPE Mission Implementation Overview: Exploring the Stellar Drivers of Exoplanet Habitability - Bryce Unruh
1:00 PM (MT) 14.03 PANEL: Access To Space and Emerging Mission Capabilities - Eleni Sims                  
1:50 PM (MT) 14.01 PANEL: Technology Development for Science-Driven Missions - Patricia Beauchamp                  
2:15 PM (MT)                  
2:40 PM (MT) 14.02 PANEL: Emerging Technologies for Mars Exploration - Charles Edwards                  
3:05 PM (MT)   Junior Conference Practice              
4:30 PM (MT) 13.0303 Space Scientific Instrument Taxonomy (SSIT) Version 2.0 - Nichols Brown 8.01 Keynote: Artemis:The first step in the next era of human exploration - James Free 2.0801 Assessing Cost Drivers for Mars Small Spacecraft Missions - Charles Edwards 12.0214 Metrics for Flight Operations: Application to Europa Clipper Tour Selection - Duane Bindschadler 3.0304 X-band GaN SSPA Development for near Earth and Deep Space Missions - Justin Dennison 10.0301 An Integrated Software Architecture for Solar Cruiser Mission Design and Navigation - Jason Everett 6.0103 Contamination Control Systems Engineering Approach to Mitigating Radiation Induced Outgassing - Daniel Fugett 5.0402 Comparison between Time and Frequency-domain Processing of Anemometer Data - Jack McCrae    
4:55 PM (MT) 13.0304 The Applied Physics Laboratory’s Earned Value Management Surveillance Program - Howard Hunter 2.0802 The ESRA CubeSat: Measuring the Earth's Radiation Belts - Carlos Maldonado 12.0215 Science Operations Planning and Implementation for the OSIRIS-REx Mission, Part 2: Toolkit - Sara Balram-Knutson 3.0402 The Sun Radio Interferometer Space Experiment (SunRISE) Mission - Joseph Lazio 10.0302 SpaceFOM: An Interoperability Standard for Space Systems Simulations - Edwin Crues 6.0104 BOWIE-M: Process to Develop the Next-Generation ESPA-Class Weather Sounding Microwave Radiometer - Sean Geiger 5.0404 Phase Screen Generation Methods for Simulating Light Propagation through non-Kolmogorov Turbulence - Jason Salmanowitz    
5:20 PM (MT) 13.0305 Considerations for Developing an Integrated Earth Science/Climate Portfolio - Stephen Shinn 8.0119 Project ALIEN: Proposed Analog Fidelity Comparison to Martian Mission - Madelyn Hoying Plenary Setup 12.0216 Flight Rule Design, Implementation, Verification, and Validation for the Psyche Mission - Shaheer Khan 3.0403 Time Smearing in Space-based 3D Synthesis Imaging - Cornelis Vertegaal 10.0303 The Ingenuity Mars Helicopter and Open Source - Timothy Canham 6.0201 Thermal Design of the Thermal Infrared Spectrometer (TIRS) Instrument on PREFIRE - Ian Mc Kinley 5.0604 Satellite Maneuver Detection Using Machine Learning Methods - Nicholas Perovich    
5:50 PM (MT) Plenary: A Mars Helicopter ?
J (Bob) Balaram

8:05 PM (MT) Origin: how the Americas were peopled
Jennifer Raff

9:00 PM (MT) 13.0306 Bayesian Rules of Thumb: Robust Uncertainty Quantification in Early Project Cost Estimation - Sam Fleischer 8.0202 Artemis Removable-Canister Waste Accumulation System & Handler: A Portable Modular Space Lavatory - Syamantak Payra 2.0804 Deployable Optical Receiver Aperture: Low-Cost Cubesat Bus - Daniel Jacobs 12.0217 Science Operations Planning and Implementation for the OSIRIS-REx Mission, Part 1: Process - Anjani Polit 3.0404 Juno Gravity Science: Five Years of Radio Science with Ka-band Uplink - Dustin Buccino 10.0305 Mars 2020 Ground Data System Architecture - Guy Pyrzak 6.0202 Exported Forces and Torques of Tactical Cryocoolers - Mason Mok 5.0801 Going to Extremes: Architecting Holographic Microscopes for Extreme Environments - J. Kent Wallace    
9:25 PM (MT) 13.0308 Mission Operations Cost Estimation Tool (MOCET) 2021/2022 Capability Updates - Marc Hayhurst 8.0203 Mapping Life Support System Functions and Technologies to Commercial Spaceflight Applications - David Klaus 2.0807 CHESS: Measuring the Dynamics of Composition and Density of Earth’s Upper Atmosphere with CubeSats - Rico Fausch 12.0218 Mars 2020 Surface Operations Transition (SOX) Commissioning Phase Overview - Robert Lange   10.0306 Integrating Provenance-Awareness into the Space Debris Processing System BACARDI - Martin Stoffers 6.0204 A Responsive Design and Evaluation Laboratory for Space Pointing and Tracking Systems - Greg Bonn 5.0802 Design of a Low-cost, Submersible, Digital Holographic Microscope for in Situ Microbial Imaging - Alexander Ramirez    
9:50 PM (MT) 13.0309 Gaussian Process Regression Method for Costing Smallsat Bus Capabilities - Melissa Hooke 8.0205 Vapor Compression Refrigeration System for Space Exploration - Alberto Gomes   12.0219 Operations for Autonomous Spacecraft - Rebecca Castano     6.0205 A Swift Approach to a Flexible Digital Controller and Processor - Andre Jongeling      
Tue, Mar 8 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Talus Room @ Summit Hotel
8:30 AM (MT) 4.1201 Diversity Schemes and Coherent Combining in Digital Receivers - Yefim Poberezhskiy 2.0117 A Concept of Operations for an Interstellar Probe Mission - Kimberly Ord 8.0301 Dependency of Surface Temperature on Coolant Mass Flow and Heat Flux in Rocket Combustion Chambers - Pascal Kringe 2.0402 ESRA ECP Sensor: A Charged Particle Telescope for Measuring Earth’s Radiation Belts - Jonathan Barney 11.0101 Design of Energy Aware Scheduling Algorithm for Efficient Management of Data Centers in Cloud - Sureshkumar Perinpanayagam 10.0501 A Model-Based Systems Engineering Journey to Developing a Concept of Operations - Mary Susan Kaetzer 7.0401 Towards an Integrated Fault Tolerant Control for ESTCube-2 Attitude Control System - Ikechukwu Ofodile 9.0221 Design and Flight Testing of a Rocket-Launched Folding UAV for Planetary Exploration Applications - Samantha D'Arcy   2.0213 The Earth in Living Color - NASA’s Surface Biology and Geology Designated Observable - David Schimel
8:55 AM (MT) 4.1202 First Results for Differential Doppler Positioning with Unknown Starlink Satellite Signals - Mohammad Neinavaie 2.0118 Europa Clipper Mission: System Integration Review Report - Jennifer Dooley 8.0302 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Electric Launcher Utilizing Linear Synchronous Motor - Mohammad Sadraey 2.0403 Suborbital Drop Test to Demonstrate Autonomous Payload Recovery from Low Earth Orbit - Tyler Kunsa 11.0102 Testing and Evaluating the Impact of Illumination Levels on UAV-assisted Bridge Inspection - Ali Karimoddini 10.0502 FPP: A Modeling Language for F Prime - Robert Bocchino 7.0402 Night Sky Testing of the Lunar Flashlight Star Tracker - David Sternberg 9.0226 Solar Energy Harvesting for a Land-to-Recharge Tiltrotor Micro Aerial Vehicle - Stephen Carlson   2.0214 Orbital Exploration of Phobos by a Nano-satellite Using Solar Electric Propulsion - Shuba Murthy
9:20 AM (MT) 4.1203 A Multi-purpose Software Defined Radio Payload for the HYPSO-2 Satellite - Gara Quintana Díaz 2.0119 Nickel Accounting for the Psyche Spacecraft - Emma Bradford 8.0308 Development of a System Level Optimization Tool for Preliminary Design of the SLS BOLE Solid Rocket - Brad Roe 2.0404 Mission Performance Assessment of Multi-mode Propulsion for Satellite Servicing Applications - Giusy Falcone 11.0103 A Framework for Evaluating PHM Models - Shashvat Prakash 10.0503 A Model-Based Approach for Europa Lander Mission Concept Exploration - Myra Lattimore 7.0501 Radiation-Tolerant, High Power Density GaN Drop-on Point of Load Converters - Noah Martin     2.0217 GEOSCAN: Global Earth Observation Using Swarm of Coordinated Autonomous Nanosats - Changrak Choi
9:45 AM (MT) 4.1204 Signature-Aware RF Exploitation (SNARE) Fingerprinting Using Deep Learning to Identify UAVs - Genshe Chen 2.0120 Polarimeter to UNify the Corona and Heliosphere (PUNCH): Science, Status, and Path to Flight - Craig DeForest 8.0309 Space Launch System (SLS): Artemis I, Evolution, and Capability - Jacob Bartkiewicz 2.0407 Comprehensive Assessment of Orbital Robotics, Space Based Computer Vision, and Validation Methods - Marco Peterson 11.0108 High Resolution System for Rapid Broadband Battery Impedance Measurements - Bryce Hill 10.0507 Applying Model-Based Ontology Coverage Analysis to Mission Architectures - Yaniv Mordecai 7.0502 Dynamic Characterizations of 650 V, 900 v and 1200 v SiC MOSFETs under Low Temperatures - Yuqi Wei     2.0529 Venus High Temperature Motor and Rotary Percussive Drill for Pneumatic Acquisition of Samples - Kris Zacny
10:10 AM (MT) 4.1206 Realtime Wideband Modem in the Cloud – Technology and Economics - Eugene Grayver 2.0121 Mapping Earth’s Dust-Emitting Regions from the ISS with the EMIT Imaging Spectrometer - Bogdan Oaida 8.0310 Performance and Business Case Impact Assessment for Launch Systems Utilizing RDRE Propulsion - John Bradford 2.0408 Using the Decision Tree (DT) to Decipher the Access to Space (ATS) Options. - Robert Caffrey 11.0111 Model Based Systems Engineering Applied to Fault Detection Analysis of Vehicle Subsystems - Nabeel Mahmood 10.0508 Orchestrating Tool Chains for Model-based Systems Engineering with RCE - Alexander Weinert 7.0506 A High Voltage Tethered Power System for Planetary Surface Applications - Ansel Barchowsky     2.0525 Planning for a Martian Road Trip – the Mars2020 Mobility Systems Design - Richard Rieber
10:35 AM (MT) 4.1302 High-precision Hardware Oscillators Ensemble for GNSS Attack Detection - Marco Spanghero 2.0122 Imaging X-Ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE) – Ready for Flight - William Deininger 2.1317 Artificial Potential Field Guidance for Capture of Non-Cooperative Target Objects by Chaser Swarms - Jessica Cutler 2.0409 Cubesats/Smallsats/Nanosats/Picosats/Rideshare(sats) in 2022: Making Sense of the Numbers - Michael Swartwout   10.0510 Architecture Framework Standardization for Satellite Flight Software Generation Using MBSE and F' - Michael Halvorson 7.1001 Design & Testing of Redundant Radar Altimeters for Reentry Vehicle Using Commercial Hardware - Jennifer Snelling     2.0531 Simulating Mars: Enabling Testing of the Perseverance Rover Sampling and Caching Subsystem on Earth - Jeffrey Megivern
11:00 AM (MT) 4.1304 Reliable GNSS Joint Position and Attitude Estimation in Harsh Environments via Robust Statistics - Andrea Bellés 2.1002 Space Radiation Environment Considerations for the Interstellar Probe Mission - Justin Likar       10.0511 Integration of Inlet and Combustor Subsystem Models into a TBCC Engine Performance Model - Charles Krouse 7.1003 Error Correction System Based on COTS Microcontrollers Working in Redundancy - Rodrigo França     2.0534 Informative Path Planning to Explore and Map Unknown Planetary Surfaces with Gaussian Processes - Frances Zhu
11:25 AM (MT)     8.0117 Internal Architecture of the Common Habitat - Robert Howard 8.0118 Down-Selection of Four Common Habitat Variants - Robert Howard            
1:50 PM (MT)     Junior Engineering Conference 2-4:30 in the Madison.              
Wed, Mar 9 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Talus Room @ Summit Hotel
8:30 AM (MT) 4.0101 Service Management & Orchestration of 5G and 6G Non-Terrestrial Networks - Brian Barritt 8.0403 “Just Do It” - Mission Operations Training in a COVID World - Theresa Rosette 2.0503 Design of Rigid-Flex PCB Robotics Leveraging Validated Finite Element Simulations - John Bell 2.0601 Solid State Sample Handling with Amplified Piezo Actuators - John Costa 11.0201 A Novel Framework for Fault Identification and Risk Management (FIRM) of Autonomous Systems - Hadi Fekrmandi 10.0201 Challenges in Explaining Source Code Quality Assessment - Jeremy Ludwig 9.0402 Passive Acoustic Ranging for Helicopter Altimetry on Mars, Venus, and Titan - Jadesola Aderibigbe 4.1604 The Impact of Message Encryption on Teleoperation for Space Applications - Carsten Maple   2.0108 Orbital Trade Study for the PREFIRE Mission - Brian Drouin
8:55 AM (MT) 4.0103 Development of a Deployable Optical Receive Aperture - Ying Lin 8.0404 Determining Spacesuit Reach and Range of Motion (ROM) Using 3D Photogrammetric Motion Capture - Dillon Hall 2.0517 Docking the Mars 2020 Perseverance Robotic Arm - Sawyer Brooks 2.0603 Icy Moon Penetrator Organic Analyzer (IMPOA) Impact Test Results - Chinmayee Govinda Raj 11.0501 Deterrence of Cycles in Temporal Knowledge Graphs - Seif Azghandi 10.0203 Analysis of the Potential Benefits from Using Quantum Computing for Aerospace Applications - Dominic Rosch-Grace 9.0407 Fuzzy Logic Model-less 3-DOF Flight Controllers - Manuel Ayala 4.1607 Advances in Secure 5G Network for a Nationwide Drone Corridor - Arupjyoti (Arup) Bhuyan   2.0109 The Atmosphere Observing System (AOS): A Core Component of NASA’s Earth System Observatory (ESO) - Deborah Vane
9:20 AM (MT) 4.0201 New Horizons for a Practical and Performance Optimized Solar System Internet - Alan Hylton 8.0405 Methods for Evaluation of Human-in-the-Loop Inspection of a Space Station Mockup Using a Quadcopter - Hannah Weiss 2.0518 Perseverance Rover’s Robotic Arm and Turret Mounted Instruments’ Surface Commissioning - Philip Bailey 2.0604 Assessing Ceres’ past and Current Habitability - John Brophy 11.0505 Intelligent Anomaly Detection of Robot Manipulator Based on Energy Consumption Auditing - Seong Hyeon Hong 10.0207 Evaluation of a Distributed Kalman Filter for Autonomous Satellite Navigation Using DASEE - Jeffrey Won 9.0410 Flying a Helicopter on Mars: How Ingenuity’s Flights Were Planned, Executed, and Analyzed - Håvard Grip 4.1609 Fault & Attack Detection & Diagnosis by Analysis of Electrical Waveforms of Power Networks - Stephen Coshatt   2.0110 Surface Biology and Geology (SBG) Thermal Infrared (TIR) Free Flyer Concept - Ralph Basilio
9:45 AM (MT) 4.0202 A Survey of Mathematical Structures for Lunar Networks - Alan Hylton 8.0408 Functional Volume Assessment of an Early Version of the Mars Transit Habitat - Robert Howard 2.0514 Perseverance Rover Collision Model for a Range of Autonomous Behaviors - Vandi Verma 2.0606 Gravity Poppers: Hopping Probes for the Interior Mapping of Small Solar System Bodies - Benjamin Hockman 11.0703 Improving Touchless Respiratory Monitoring via LiDAR Orientation and Thermal Imaging - Siddat Nesar 10.0401 Feedback-Directed Random Sequence Generation for Verifying Spacecraft Flight Rule Violations - Shubhodeep Mukherji 2.1203 Quantification Method for Assessment of Asteroid Resource Accessibility - Kevin Alvarado 7.0602 Power Converter Design for the Europa Lander Motor Controller - Ben Cheng   2.0111 Lunar Trailblazer: A Pioneering Small Satellite for Lunar Water and Lunar Geology - Bethany Ehlmann
10:10 AM (MT) 4.0203 Benefits and Challenges of CCSDS File Delivery Protocol as Applied to Europa Clipper - Marc Sarrel 8.0409 Viability of Small Dimension Crew Quarters for Surface Habitation - Harry Litaker 2.0504 Helicopter and Rover Operations on Mars Using the Robot Sequencing and Visualization Program (RSVP) - Justin Koch 2.0605 Conceptual Design of a Mars Rotorcraft for Future Sample Fetch Missions - Benjamin Pipenberg 11.0802 Reliability Analysis and Failure Mitigation Strategies for the PROVE Pathfinder CubeSat Payload - Louis Timperley 10.0402 Analysis of CFDP Performance for the MMS Mission CIDP - Paul Wood 2.1204 Autonomous Asteroid Characterization through Nanosatellite Swarming - Nathan Stacey 7.0603 Closed Loop Control Performance of the Europa Lander Motor Controller - Gary Bolotin   2.0112 Preparations for the Launch, Cruise, and Orbital Operations Phases of the Psyche Mission - Travis Imken
10:35 AM (MT) 4.0301 An Open Source Simulator for Next Generation Satellite Broadband Traffic Management. - Roberto Puddu 8.0501 The MKVII Gravity Loading Countermeasure Skinsuit: Evaluation and Preliminary Results - Rachel Bellisle 2.0507 On the Use of Topographical Landmarks for Ground-Level Terrain Relative Navigation on Mars - Joshua Vander Hook 2.0608 Automated Onboard Mission Planning for Robust and Flexible Rover Operations - Thomas Cunningham 11.0803 Prognosis: Challenges, Precepts, Myths And - Feraidoon Zahiri 13.0801 Identifying Space Threats for SpaceAware Resilience - Lucy Berthoud 2.1206 Recent Advances in the Pan-STARRS Search for Near-Earth Objects - Richard Wainscoat 7.0604 The Impact of Heating Actuators in Extremely Cold Space Environments - Justin Scheidler   2.0113 Development of the Psyche Mission for NASA’s Discovery Program - Jennifer Maxwell
11:00 AM (MT) 4.0302 Ontologies to Support Space Traffic Controllers Awareness - Carlos Insaurralde 8.0502 Biophilic Design of the ISS Crew Quarters to Improve Cognitive and Physiological Health Measures - Audrey FIrth 2.0521 Visual Odometry Thinking While Driving for the Curiosity Mars Rover's Three-Year Test Campaign - Nikunj Patel 2.0611 ReachBot: A Small Robot for Large Mobile Manipulation Tasks - Stephanie Schneider 11.0901 Proactive Approaches for Engine Health Management and a High Value Example - Chris Hickenbottom 13.0803 NASA Strategy for Technology Development - Erica Rodgers   7.0606 ASIC Flow for Space RadTolerant Components- Part 1 Library Validation - Jean Yang Scharlotta   2.0115 Lessons Learned from the Implementation of the Psyche Fixed Price Contract with Maxar - Neil Dahya
11:25 AM (MT) 4.0304 Cloud RAN Splitting Options Performed by 3D Space Networks to Provide 6G Connectivity on Mars - Stefano Bonafini 8.0503 Self-Powered Microgravity Resistance Exercise with Soft Pneumatic Exoskeletons - Aislinn Marcee 2.0513 Prospects for Very Long Range Mars Rover Missions - Larry Matthies 2.0614 Survey, Evaluation, and Advancement of Sample Sensing Techniques for Future Missions - John Costa       7.1101 Verification of a Radio-frequency Generator Model in a Full-wave 3D EM Simulation - Yannik Rover   2.0116 Ingenuity Mars Helicopter: From Technology Demonstration to Extraterrestrial Scout - Theodore Tzanetos
11:50 AM (MT)   8.05 Keynote: Screening Space - Catherine Trainor   2.0615 Autonomy, Modeling, and Field Evaluation for Microrover Exploration of Planetary Pits - Jordan Ford            
1:00 PM (MT)   8.05 Documentary Screening Space - Catherine Trainor                
1:25 PM (MT)       13.08 Keynote: Future Aerospace Technology for Commercial & Government Applications - Christopher Solee            
1:50 PM (MT)   13.08 PANEL: Future Aerospace Technology for Commercial & Government Applications - Christopher Solee                
2:15 PM (MT)       11.09 PANEL: PHM from a Practitioner's Perspective- a Potpourri of Capabilities, Issues, Case Studies and Lessons Learned - Andrew Hess          
2:40 PM (MT)                
3:05 PM (MT) 14.06 PANEL : ISS Transition and the Commercialization of LEO - Robyn Gatens                
3:30 PM (MT)                  
4:30 PM (MT) 13.0201 Obtaining System Knowledge Early to Build Cost and Schedule Estimating Confidence - Patrick Malone 8.0111 Surface Systems Capability Gaps for Enabling NASA’s Sustainable Lunar Operations - Nancy Zeitlin 2.0506 Compressed CO2 Hard Rock Drill for Mars - A Howe 6.0601 Improving Automatic Target Recognition Performance with Electro Optics and Infrared Sensor Fusion - Hai-Wen Chen 11.0112 Crew Time Analysis on Maintenance and Repairs for Predicting Mean Time to Repair - Chel Stromgren 7.0803 Ultra-Fine Pointing for Nanosatellite Telescopes Using Deployable Boom Actuators - Kevin Tracy 9.0236 Nonlinear Model Predictive Control for Agile Guidance of Fixed-Wing sUAS - Camron Hirst 10.0801 Live Detection of Foreign Object Debris on Runways Detection Using Drones and AI - Adam Parker    
4:55 PM (MT) 13.0204 The Importance of a Risk Management Process for Structuring the Conversation - Robin Dillon Merrill 8.0112 The Lunar Lab Initiative - Michael Interbartolo 2.0520 Assessing Mars Curiosity Rover Wheel Damage - Arturo Rankin 6.0602 Sub-Pixel Localization of Objects Using Multiple Spectral Bands - Mridul Gupta 11.0113 Uncertainty Propagation in Pre-Flight Prediction of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Separation Violations - Matteo Corbetta 7.0807 Performance Testing a New Medium Accuracy Star Tracker - Stephen Lutgring 9.0243 Reducing Object Detection Uncertainty from RGB and Thermal Data for UAV Outdoor Surveillance - Juan Sandino 10.0802 Semantic Segmentation of Low Earth Orbit Satellites Using Convolutional Neural Networks - Julia Yang    
5:20 PM (MT) 13.0206 Safety and Mission Assurance and Technical Authority for the Mars 2020 Project - Mark Underwood 8.0113 Human Mars Mission Surface Power Impacts on Timeline and Traverse Capabilities - Michael Chappell 2.0523 Development and Testing of a Sample Handling System for In-Situ Lunar Geochronology with KArLE - John Costa 6.0603 Expression for the Probability of Correlation Error in Data Fusion - Peter Willett 11.0115 Fault Detection and Performance Monitoring of Propellers in Electric UAV - Rajendra Prasath Palanisamy 7.0901 3D Printing of CubeSat Parts with Power and Data Transfer Functionalities with Two Blends of PEEK - Michał Siemaszko 9.0244 Autonomous Mapping of Desiccation Cracks via a Probabilistic-based Motion Planner Onboard UAVs - Juan Sandino 10.0805 Sunspot Groups Detection and Classification on SDO/HMI Images Using Deep Learning Techniques - Luigi Palladino    
5:50 PM (MT) Storm Chasing From Space: Detecting Severe Weather Pheonomena From Satellite Platforms
Sarah Bang

8:05 PM (MT) Plenary: The Grand Challenge For Greater Yellowstone
Cathy Whitlock

9:00 PM (MT) 13.0207 The Assurance Equations - Steven Cornford 8.0114 Architecting Lunar and Mars Missions to Enable Sustainability - Christine Edwards 2.0522 Mantis within a Multi-robot Team for Lunar Exploration and Construction Tasks - Wiebke Brinkmann 6.0701 A Stochastic Grammar Approach to Predict Flight Phases of a Hypersonic Glide Vehicle - Emily Bartusiak 12.0210 Test as You Fly: Using Flight Telemetry in the Mars2020 Uplink Simulation & Validation Process - Pegah Pashai 7.0902 An European Roadmap to Leverage RISC-V in Space Applications - Gianluca Furano 9.0246 Resolution-adaptive Quadtrees for Semantic Segmentation Mapping in UAV Applications - Nicolas Mandel 10.0806 Lunar Rover Localization Using Craters as Landmarks - Larry Matthies    
9:25 PM (MT)   8.0115 Regenerative ECLSS and Logistics Analysis for Sustained Lunar Surface Missions - Chel Stromgren 2.0515 Comparative Rover Mobility Evaluation for Traversing Permanently Shadowed Regions on the Moon - Clyde Webster 6.0703 Track Initiation for a Multiple Hypothesis Tracker with ML-PMHT - John Grimes 12.0213 The Mission System Architecture for Planned SPHEREx Operations - Oleg Sindiy 7.0904 Application of Intelligent Spacecraft Structures for Impact Detection - Randall Rose 9.0247 On-board Absolute Localization Based on Orbital Imagery for a Future Mars Science Helicopter - Roland Brockers 10.0807 Planetary Rover Localisation via Surface and Orbital Image Matching - Valerio Franchi    
9:50 PM (MT)   8.0116 Risk-Reduction Autonomy Implementation to Enable NASA Artemis Missions - Fernando Figueroa 2.0519 Towards a Semi-Autonomous Robotic Exploration of a Lunar Skylight Cavity - Roland Sonsalla       9.0250 Autonomous Balloon Technology: Automated Methods for Rapid Balloon Inflation and Launching - Arun Bishop      
Thu, Mar 10 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Talus Room @ Summit Hotel
8:30 AM (MT) 4.0901 On the Maximum Likelihood Non-Data-Aided Phase Error Detector for 16-APSK - Michael Rice 8.0601 Methodology to Model Effect of Thermal Barriers on Downstream Heat Rates - Christa Humbert 13.0601 Digital Lunar Exploration Sites (DLES) - Edwin Crues 2.1303 Soft-Robotic, Propellant-Free Servicers for LEO Spacecraft - Jay Mc Mahon 12.0501 Automated Training and Deployment of Machine-Learning Models for Anomaly Detection in Telemetry - Kedar Naik 10.0601 Dynamic Resource Management Algorithm Reconfiguration for Multibeam Satellite Constellations - Sergi Aliaga 12.0203 First 210 Sols of Mars Perseverance Robotic Operations – Mobility, Arm, Sampling, and Helicopter - Vandi Verma 6.0301 50 Years of Spaceflight with Fourier Transform Spectrometers (FTS) from NASA GSFC - Conor Nixon   13.0501 Adapting the Hatley-Pirbhai Method to SysML - Mark Maier
8:55 AM (MT) 4.0904 A Wisdom of Crowds Approach to Supervised Learning Ensembles Using FPGAs - John Porcello 8.0602 Testing of Louver Operability after Spacecraft Launch Distortions - Anthony Licari 13.0603 Validation of Optimal Control Design Tool for Dedicated Avionic in Active Debris Removal Mission - Michael Juillard 2.1306 Lessons for Future In-Space Telerobotic Servicing from Robotic Refueling Mission - Zakiya Tomlinson 12.0502 Spacecraft Time-Series Online Anomaly Detection Using Extreme Learning Machines - Sriram Baireddy 10.0602 OPS-SAT Spacecraft Autonomy with TensorFlow Lite, Unsupervised Learning, and Online Machine Learning - Georges Labreche 12.0204 A Modular Framework for Integrating and Visualizing Data for Mars 2020 Rover Mechanism Operations - Kyle Kaplan 6.0302 The Airborne Visible/Infrared Imaging Spectrometer 3 - Robert Green   13.0502 Finding Success in Concept Development: How NOT to Design a Small Satellite Mission - Alex Austin
9:20 AM (MT) 4.0905 Introducing Tropical Geometric Approaches to Delay Tolerant Networking Optimization - Alan Hylton 8.0604 Landing Gear Design, Fabrication, and Testing for the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter - Sara Langberg 13.0604 Hardware Architecture for Evolutionary SmallSat Pedagogy and Space Workforce Development - Spencer Temkin 2.1308 Fuel-Efficient Distributed Path Planning for Spacecraft Formation Flying - Hermann Kaptui Sipowa 12.0503 A Matching-Based Method for Anomaly Verification in Spacecraft Telemetry - Tianyu Li 10.0603 Low-Precision Mathematics for Real Time Deployment of Machine Learning on Resource Constrained FPGA - Ryan McBee 12.0206 The Psyche Planning Software Subsystem: Creating a Robust Toolset for a Discovery-class Mission - Christopher Lawler 6.0303 Pre-Launch Calibration of the HYPSO-1 Cubesat Hyperspectral Imager - Marie Henriksen   13.0504 Efficient Trade Space Exploration: The Advantages of Deduction over Induction - Alfred Nash
9:45 AM (MT) 4.0906 Sheaf Theoretic Models for Routing in Delay Tolerant Networks - Robert Short 8.0606 Perseverance Rover Corer Railizer Mechanism Development for Drill Feed and Stabilization - Mieszko Salamon 13.0605 URSim - a Versatile Robot Simulator for Extra-Terrestrial Exploration - Marco Sewtz 2.1310 Hybrid Planning to Minimize Platform Disturbances during In-orbit Assembly Tasks - Ismael Rodriguez Brena 12.0506 Automating Surface Attitude Positioning and Pointing Operations for Mars 2020 - Leilani Trautman 10.0604 Radiation Test and in Orbit Performance of MpSoC AI Accelerator - Gianluca Furano 12.0207 COCPIT: Collaborative Activity Planning Software for Mars Perseverance Rover - Ivonne Deliz 6.0304 Comparing Spectro-radiometer Instruments for a Satellite Mission to Detect Chemical Warfare Agents - Gary Sutlieff   13.0506 MBSE Utilization for Additive Manufactured Rocket Propulsion Components - Shreyas Lakshmipuram Raghu
10:10 AM (MT) 4.0909 Multicarrier Navigation and Authentication: Control-Engineering and Bio-Inspired Approaches - Khanh Pham 8.0607 Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover SHERLOC Instrument Isolation System - Elizabeth Duffy 13.0606 The Space Digital Dome: Autonomous Defense of Space Vehicles from Radio Frequency Interference - Gregory Falco 2.1316 Performance Study of YOLOv5 and Faster RCNN for Autonomous Navigation around Non-Cooperative Target - Trupti Mahendrakar 12.0507 Expert-Informed Autonomous Science Planning for In-situ Observations and Discoveries - Jay Mc Mahon 10.0605 Target Detection on Hyperspectral Images Using MCMC and VI Trained Bayesian Neural Networks - Daniel Ries 12.0209 Balancing Predictive and Reactive Science Planning for Mars 2020 Perseverance - Sarah Milkovich 8.0904 Characterizing Spectral Response in Thermal Environments, the HYPSO-1 Hyperspectral Imager - Elizabeth Prentice   13.0509 Lunar Campaign Optimization Using Machine Learning - Jacob Bartkiewicz
10:35 AM (MT) 4.0910 Comparing Performance of Coded Communications over Fading Channels between Lunar South Pole & Earth - Dariush Divsalar 8.0608 Thermal Control System Architecture and Technology Challenges for a Lunar Surface Habitat - Richard Schunk 13.0702 Europa Clipper Payload Verification and Validation: Test and Analysis Program Design - Alyssa Ralph   12.0508 Toward Autonomous Localization of Planetary Robotic Explorers by Relying on Semantic Mapping - Kamak Ebadi 10.0607 Reinforcement Learning Heuristics for Aerospace Control Systems - Preston Robinette 12.0220 Enabling a Larger Deep Space Mission Suite: A DSN Queueing Antenna for On-demand Service - Marc Sanchez Net 8.0905 Commercially Available Imaging Payloads for CubeSat Earth Observation Missions - Hannah Tomio    
11:00 AM (MT)   8.0610 An Elegant Solution for a Deceptively Simple Filter Wheel Assembly - Jacques Laramee 13.0703 Test Facilities for SHERLOC Laser Development - Jeffrey Hein   12.0509 Machine Learning for Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) Glove Inspections - Timothy Lindsey 10.0608 Safe Reinforcement Learning Benchmark Environments for Aerospace Control Systems - Umberto Ravaioli 12.0222 Operational Tools and Data Management for OSIRIS-REx Optical Navigation - Leilah McCarthy 8.0909 Development of a Hardware-In-The-Loop Testbed for Rotating Synthetic Aperture Telescopes - Alejandro Cabrales Hernandez    
11:25 AM (MT)     13.0704 Testing Mars 2020 Flight Software and Hardware in the Surface System Development Environment - Sawyer Brooks   12.0510 Visualizing Multi-process CPU Utilization Using CUSP - Alexandra Holloway 10.0610 Autonomous On-board Planning for Earth-orbiting Spacecraft - Adam Herrmann        
11:50 AM (MT)           10.0611 Space Applications of a Trusted AI Framework: Experiences and Lessons Learned - Lukas Mandrake   6.0404 Software-defined Corner Reflector for Satellite SAR Systems - Alex Piccioni    
1:00 PM (MT)                    
1:25 PM (MT) 14.04 PANEL: Progress and Plans for the Deep Space Human Exploration Architecture - Greg Chavers                  
1:50 PM (MT)                  
2:15 PM (MT)                  
2:40 PM (MT) 14.05 PANEL : Mars Exploration Science: Mars Sample Return and Beyond - Michael Meyer                  
3:05 PM (MT)                  
3:30 PM (MT)                  
4:30 PM (MT) 4.1502 Information Services Architecture within Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Traffic Management (UTM) - Dylan Hasson 8.0802 Space Brick Manufacturing via Nuclear Powered Extrusion - Assessing Integrated System Feasibility - Mark Juszczak 8.1001 Integrated Design Results for the MSR SRC Mars Ascent Vehicle - Isabeta Rountree 2.0618 It’s Time for Focused In-Situ Studies of Planetary Surface-Atmosphere Interactions - Serina Diniega