2015 IEEE Aerospace Conference
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Final Conference Schedule

Sun, Mar 5 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1
8:00 AM (MT)                  
4:30 PM (MT) 8.0801 UK Progress on Deployable Nuclear Space Power Systems - Tim Tinsley 2.0701 Hardware and Protocol for Autonomous Microbial Cultivation in Space - Pat Pataranutaporn 8.0401 Preliminary Assessment of Physical Demand during Simulated Lunar Surface Extravehicular Activities - Taylor Schlotman 2.0101 SPHEREx Preliminary Mission Overview - Farah Alibay 9.0410 Tracking Control for a Tilt-rotor with Input Constraints Adopting Robust Gaits - Zhe Shen 10.0401 Detecting Faulty Sequences of FDIR Functions on Spacecrafts Using Model Checking - Masatoshi Horikawa 11.0114 Approach to Embed a Software-based Adaptive Prognostic Estimation Kernel into a PHM System-on-Chip - Wyatt Pena 12.0201 JSON-Based Sequencing for Deep Space Mission - Michael Schaffer  
4:55 PM (MT) 8.0802 A Comparison of Radioisotope and Solar Array/Battery Power Systems in the Solar System - Paul Schmitz 2.0702 Electrospray Mass Spectrometry for In-Orbit Biomolecule Analysis - Zach Ulibarri 8.0417 Development of an Inertial Sensor-based Methodology for Spacesuited Lunar Geology Task Assessments - Kyoung Jae Kim 2.0102 The Big Plunge at Venus: The DAVINCI Descent Phase - Matthew Garrison 9.0413 AAM and UAS Collision Avoidance in the Presence of Wind and Wake Turbulence - Marwan Gomaa 10.0402 A Cython Bound Tracklet-Tracklet Correlation for Resident Space Objects - Simon Schmitz 11.0117 A Natural Language Processing Based Planetary Gearbox Fault Diagnosis - David He 12.0202 Ground-In-The-Loop Mission Concept Study for Europa Lander Using Modeling and Simulation - So Young Kim  
5:20 PM (MT) 8.0803 In-Flight Performance of the Multi-Mission Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator on Mars - Christofer Whiting 2.0703 Monitoring Space Weather with a Sensitive 1 U CubeSat Mass Spectrometer - Rico Fausch 8.0404 The Design of a Robotic Arm to Measure Elbow Torque and Contact Pressures in an EVA Suit Arm - Lewis Simms 2.0103 The PUNCH Mission: System Trades and Surviving the Evolving LV Market - Ronnie Killough 9.0415 Autopilot Analysis for a General Aviation Ground Collision Avoidance System - Loyd Hook 10.0403 Statistical Conformance Checking of Aviation Cyber-Physical Systems by Mining Physics Guided Models - Ayan Banerjee 11.0118 Retrofitting Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS) for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - Iraban Turjo 12.0204 Ground Network Tradespace Analysis for Precipitation Observing Missions - Josue Tapia  
5:50 PM (MT) Plenary: The Ransomware Hunting Team
Renee Dudley, ProPublica

7:05 PM (MT) Dinner
8:05 PM (MT) Legacy Survey of Space and Time: The Greatest Movie of All Time
Zeljko Ivezic, University of Washington

9:00 PM (MT) 8.0804 Estimating the Next Gen RTG Mod 1 Performance Based on Analysis of the New Horizons Mission - Christofer Whiting 2.0704 Reliably Analyzing the Chemical Composition of Plumes during Flybys at Velocities Exceeding 5 Km/s - Rico Fausch 8.0420 Spatial Orientation Modeling: Position-Motion Paradox in Hypergravity - Angus Rupert 2.0104 Performance and Early Results from the Earth Surface Mineral Dust Source Investigation (EMIT) - Robert Green 9.0502 An Autonomous Aircraft Inspection System Using Collaborative Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - Arindam Saha 10.0404 Analysis of Mass Memory Module Performance for the MMS Mission - Paul Wood 11.0201 Implementation and Evaluation of Model-based Health Assessment for Spacecraft Autonomy - Ksenia Kolcio 12.0205 Satellite Operations in a Future Cloud Based Ground System Architecture - Justin Gronert  
9:25 PM (MT) 8.0805 Multi-Convertor Configurable Simulator for Dynamic Radioisotope Power Systems - Max Yang 2.0706 Ultra-Long Baseline Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry with the AMIGAS Multi-Spacecraft Concept - Zach Ulibarri 8.0411 Spatial Orientation Modeling: Use of Multisensory Cueing to Prevent Vection Illusions - Angus Rupert 2.0106 NEXT-C Lessons Learned on the DART Mission for Future Integration and Test - Jeremy John   10.0405 Assurance Guidance for Space Mission Use of Data-Driven Machine Learning - Martin Feather   12.0206 Workflows, User Interfaces, and Algorithms for Operations of Autonomous Spacecraft - Federico Rossi  
9:50 PM (MT) 8.0808 A Novel Design for Post Reentry Impact Survivability of Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator Fuel - Chadwick Barklay 2.0707 In Situ Lunar Regolith Analysis by Laser-Based Mass Spectrometry - Peter Wurz 8.0412 Spatial Orientation Modeling: Expanding the Helicopter Envelope - Angus Rupert 2.0108 Implementation Plan for the INCUS Mission - Yunjin Kim   9.0503 Cooperative UAS Geolocation of Emitters with Multi-Sensor-Bounded Timing and Localization Error - Christopher Peters   12.0207 Ground Software to Support Autonomous Onboard Scheduling for Mars Perseverance Rover - Andrea Connell  
10:15 PM (MT) Fireside Cheer
Mon, Mar 6 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1
8:30 AM (MT) 8.0301 Experimental and Numerical Fatigue Life Study of Inner Liner Material in Rocket Combustion Chambers - Pascal Kringe 8.0201 NASA’s Moon to Mars (M2M) Transit Habitat Refinement Point of Departure Design - Andrew Choate 9.0102 Study of Rotor-Jetpack-Wind Aerodynamic Interaction for Mid-Air Helicopter Delivery on Mars - Marcel Veismann 2.0302 Minimally Intrusive Integrated Recession/Temp Sensors for Spacecraft Thermal Protection Systems - Robert Okojie 10.0201 Six Years and 184 Tickets: The Vast Scope of MSL’s Ultimate Flight Software Release - Alexandra Holloway 4.0501 SpaceLink-ISS Connectivity End-to-End Demonstration (SLICED) - Behzad Koosha 3.0101 A Receiver-Independent GNSS Smart Antenna for Simultaneous Jamming and Spoofing Protection - Javier Arribas 10.0501 Model Checking for Proving and Improving Fault Tolerance of Satellites - Jonis Kiesbye  
8:55 AM (MT) 8.0302 Applying Bayesian Inference to Estimate Uncertainties in the Aerodynamic Database of CALLISTO - Sven Krummen 8.0202 Assessment of Contamination Ionization Due to Interaction with the Natural Environment for Gateway - John Anderson 9.0104 Developing Cargo Loading Software for Navy and Marine Aircraft - Jeremy Ludwig 2.0303 Onboard Density Modeling for Planetary Entry via Karhunen-Loève Expansion - Samuel Albert 10.0203 Mars Project Software Systems Engineering Improvements - Jane Oh 4.0502 Relay Planning in the Perseverance Rover’s First 600 Solar Days on Mars - Emma Young 3.0201 Reflector Antennas Based on Flexible Ceramic and Glass Substrates - Andrey Kobyakov 10.0502 Template-based Formalization of Safety Functions and Analyses - Hadrien Tournaire  
9:20 AM (MT) 8.0303 Performance Evaluation of a Launcher Network Based on Commercial-Off-The-Shelf Ethernet Technology - Tiziana Fiori 8.0203 NASA Alternate Fecal Canister Development and Design for Exploration Missions - Melissa McKinley 9.0105 Aircraft Conceptualization and Analysis by Flight Simulation - Sebastian Olzem 2.0305 Development and Qualification of PICA-D TPS to Support Mars Sample Return and Dragonfly Missions - Patrick Sullivan 10.0302 Distributed Consensus for Asynchronous Space Applications (CASA) - Christopher Manderino 4.0503 Playing Telephone through Martian Rock: Assessing Terrain Occlusions to Enhance Telecom Predictions - Emme Wiederhold 3.0202 Development of an Uplink Array Radar System for Cis-Lunar and Planetary Observations - Victor Vilnrotter 10.0503 Towards a Model-Based Product Development Process from Early Concepts to Engineering Implementation - Robert Karban  
9:45 AM (MT) 8.0305 Turbine Blades for Reusable Liquid Rocket Engines (LRE) – Numerical Fatigue Life Investigation - Mateusz Gulczynski 8.0204 Cybersecurity and Human Spaceflight Safety - Nathaniel Gordon 9.0106 Take-off Motion Control of a Quadcopter Using Hybrid Control under Disturbances and Wind Effect - Sanjay Kumar 2.0308 ASPIRE2: The Mars Sample Retrieval Lander’s Supersonic Parachute Test Program - Clara O'Farrell 10.0303 Rapid Lightweight Firmware Architecture of the Mobile Metamaterial Internal Co-Integrator Robot - Damiana Catanoso 4.0704 Improved Surface Positioning with Measurement Differences in Joint Doppler and Ranging - William Jun 3.0501 Transmitter Design Considerations for a Small Satellite Tri-Band Antenna - Ferry Lanter 10.0505 Visualizing RCE Workflow Executions via W3C Provenance - Annika Meinecke  
10:10 AM (MT) 8.0307 Direct Comparison of Optimized Lunar Campaigns - Benjamin Pepper 8.0206 A Mission Architecture to Integrate Human and Spacecraft Functional Performance - Mark Shelhamer 9.0108 QuadGlider: Towards the Design and Control of a Bio-Inspired Multi-Modal UAV with Compliant Wings - Pengcheng Cao 2.0517 Manufacturing and Characterization of Icy Simulants for Europa - Marjorie Potter 8.0601 The DRACO Door: Design, Test, and Integration of the Mechanism on the DART Spacecraft - Lisa Wu 4.0705 FPGA Implementation of an Adaptive Sweep Algorithm for Spacecraft Radios - Louise Schul 3.0302 Measurements of Reflection Characteristics of Lunar Surface for Radio Propagation - Akira Akasaka 10.0506 Model-based Systems Engineering Efficiencies - Jane Oh  
10:35 AM (MT) 8.0308 Space Launch System (SLS): Successful Test Flight, Evolving Performance - Terry Haws 8.0207 Robust Lunar Base Architectures Using Distributed Processing Network in Smart Building Blocks - Jekan Thangavelautham 9.0112 Design and Flight Testing of a UAV with a Robotic Arm - Julian Galvez-Serna 2.0518 Sample Recovery Helicopter - Fernando Mier-Hicks 8.0604 Cost Savings & Performance Benefits of Carbice Nanotube Satellite Thermal Interface Solutions - Baratunde Cola 4.0706 Ranging, Positioning and Imaging of Spacecraft with the Deep Space Network’s High-Gain Antennas - Victor Vilnrotter 3.0401 Pattern Control of Paraboloidal Reflector Antennas with Reconfigurable Rim Scattering - R. Michael Buehrer 10.0508 A PPE Use Case on Configuration Management Approach for MBSE - Edith Parrott  
11:00 AM (MT)   8.0208 Investigating Abrasion Effects of Lunar Simulant Grain Sizes on Candidate Spacesuit Fabric - Jacquelyne Black 9.0201 Smart Drone, Wireless Charge Station and Management System Applied to Air Mobility - Rodrigo Rangel   8.0605 The Use of SLA Additive Manufacturing in Space-Based Instrumentation - Zachary Miller 4.0707 SAJE: Satcom Anti-Jam Exploration - Adam Belhouchat 3.0402 Planning and Execution of Juno Radio Occultation Experiments at Jupiter - Dustin Buccino 10.0509 Modeling Process, Structure, & Assumptions for Rapid Spacecraft Design and Feasibility Analysis - Steven Zusack  
11:25 AM (MT)   8.0209 Surface Transportation of the Common Habitat from Lander to Habitation Zone - Robert Howard 9.0203 Artificial Potential Field-Based Path Planning for Cluttered Environments - Mosab Diab   8.0705 RIPS (Rotor/Impeller Power System) for Planetary Atmosphere Descent Probes - Noam Izenberg 4.1205 Snapshot Tracking of GNSS Signals in Space: A Case Study at Lunar Distances - Fabio Dovis 3.0403 Enabling Distributed Low Radio Frequency Arrays – Results of an Analog Campaign on Mt. Etna - Emanuel Staudinger 10.0510 Integrating Architecture and Operational Analysis: A Standards-Based Approach - Aleksandra Markina Khusid  
11:50 AM (MT)   8.0211 An Analysis of Exploration Capability Gaps for Future Habitation Systems - Tracie Prater     8.0713 Harvesting Planetary Orbiter to Enable Deep Space Missions to the Jovian Planets - John Slough   3.0404 Self-Deploying Antennas for Proof-of-Concept Radio Astronomy Science Satellite - Cornelis Vertegaal    
1:00 PM (MT) 14.07 PANEL: NASA’s Earth System Observatory Formulation Overview - Nicole Herrmann , Michael Egan , Kathleen Boggs                
1:25 PM (MT)                
1:50 PM (MT)                
2:15 PM (MT)                
2:40 PM (MT)                  
3:05 PM (MT)                  
4:30 PM (MT) 2.0114 NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar (NISAR): Towards Observatory-level Integration and Testing - Michael Lisano 8.0102 Evaluating EVA Access Options for a Lunar Surface Habitat - Chase Lynch 10.0102 Convex Optimization of Low Observability Hypersonic Vehicles - Dan Berkenstock 2.0201 PILOT: Using a Small Satellite Constellation to Understand Cold Plasma in the Inner Magnetosphere - Connie Spittler 7.0403 Nanosatellite Attitude Stabilization Based on Decentralized Anti-windup Fault Tolerant Control - Ikechukwu Ofodile 10.0702 Towards a VR Evaluation Suite for Tactile Displays in Telerobotic Space Missions - Premankur Banerjee 9.0205 A Model-based Energy Consumption Framework to Support UAS Mission Management - Hugo Eduardo Teomitzi 11.0303 REDUCING SIGNATURE MODELS for EXTENDED KALMAN FILTERING for ADAPTIVE PROGNOSTIC ESTIMATION - Wyatt Pena  
4:55 PM (MT) 2.0115 Near-Earth Object Surveyor Project Preliminary Design - Tom Hoffman 8.0103 Architecture Robustness in NASA’s Moon to Mars Capability and Element Development - Alexander Burg 10.0104 Adaptive Polydisperse Sphere Packings for High Accuracy Computations of the Gravitational Field - Rene Weller 2.0202 The NASA Space Launch System: Six Future Exploration Missions - Ben Donahue 7.0205 Implementation of a Reduced Latency MAC Sublayer for High-Speed Ethernet Applications - Grayson Russell 10.0704 Extending the Knowledge Driven Approach for Scalable Autonomy Teleoperation of a Robotic Avatar - Marco Sewtz 9.0207 Cloud Detection System for UAV Sense and Avoid: Challenges and Findings in Flight Experiments - Adrian Dudek 11.0301 Data Pipeline Considerations for Aviation Maintenance - AnnMarie Spexet  
5:20 PM (MT) 2.0116 Imaging X-Ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE) – One Year On-Orbit - William Deininger 8.0104 Landing Humans and Human-Class Cargo on the Moon and Mars - Lakiesha Hawkins 10.0106 Data-Driven Reduced Order Modelling Using Adaptively Sampled Reduced Basis Model - Stefano Wahono 2.0203 Enceladus Vent Explorer Mission Architecture Trade Study - Mark Chodas 7.0206 A Comparison of Imaging Subsystems for Analog- versus Digital-Output Detector Arrays - Peter Sullivan 10.0705 Audio Perception in Robotic Assistance for Human Space Exploration: A Feasibility Study - Marco Sewtz 9.0208 Estimating Object Perception Performance in Aerial Imagery Using a Bayesian Approach - Simon Koch 11.0401 Identifying the Energy of Low-velocity Impacts on Composite Components Using Acoustic Emission - Li Ai  
5:50 PM (MT) Plenary: What elephants and astronauts have in common

7:05 PM (MT) Dinner
8:05 PM (MT) Plenary: Global collaboration, US investments, and the path to fusion electricity
Kathryn McCarthy, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

9:00 PM (MT) 8.0716 Design, Development and Flight Qualification of 1N Class Cold Gas Thrusters with High Cyclic Life - Shekhar Panuganti 8.0106 Science Capabilities of the Common Habitat - Robert Howard 10.0108 Accelerating the Lattice Boltzmann Method - Wesson Altoyan 2.0204 Interstellar Object Accessibility and Mission Design - Benjamin Donitz 7.0301 Developing a High Channel Count FPGA Based EGSE Architecture Utilizing COTS Hardware - Mike Van Meeteren 10.0812 Self-supervised Distillation for Computer Vision Onboard Planetary Robots - Edwin Goh 9.0210 Autonomous UAV Navigation for Target Detection in Visually Degraded and GPS Denied Environments - Julian Galvez-Serna 11.0501 Formulation of Model Stability Metrics for Remaining Useful Life Models of Engine Components - Archana Sahu  
9:25 PM (MT) 8.0718 Large Spacecraft Electric Propulsion Using Multiphase Generator - Omid Beik 2.0606 An Engineering Guide to Lunar Geotechnical Properties - John Connolly 10.0109 Multi-objective Optimisation of a Fin Shape for a Passive Supersonic Rocket Stage - Paulina Żurawka   7.0302 Unconventional Spacecraft Interfaces to Reduce Mass and Accommodate Exceptional EMI Requirements - Timothy BABICH 10.0813 Shadownav: Crater-Based Localization for Nighttime and Permanently Shadowed Region Lunar Navigation - Abhishek Cauligi 9.0212 Developing Modular Autonomous Capabilities for sUAS Operations - Keegan Quigley    
9:50 PM (MT)           10.0814 Synthetic Data for Semantic Image Segmentation of Imagery of Unmanned Spacecraft - William Armstrong 9.0216 Exploring the Potential of Automatic Safety Systems in General Aviation - Loyd Hook    
10:15 PM (MT) Fireside Cheer
Tue, Mar 7 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1
8:30 AM (MT) 8.0414 Preliminary Human Factors Evaluations of Lunar Terrain Vehicle Design Concepts at NASA JSC - Harry Litaker 2.0211 Development of the Experiment for Space Radiation Analysis (ESRA) CubeSat Mission to GTO - Carlos Maldonado 2.0510 Demonstration of Autonomous Sampling Techniques in an Icy Moon Terrestrial Analog - Joseph Bowkett 2.1302 ModuLink: A Robotic Manipulation Applique for In-Space Servicing Vehicles - Edward Tunstel 11.0101 Electronic Prognostics Innovations for Applications to Aerospace Systems - Matthew Gerdes 5.0201 Bias Compensation Inertial Navigation for Venus Balloon Missions - Scott Ploen 4.0101 On the Orbit Constellation Assessment for the Next-Generation Mars Telecommunications Orbiters - Roy Gladden 12.01 Keynote: Mars Desert Research Station - Barbara Braun  
8:55 AM (MT) 8.0419 Biophilic Interventions in Space Habitat Crew Quarters to Improve Cognitive & Physiological Health - Audrey FIrth 2.0212 INSPIRE - a Connectivity Network for the Solar System - Jose Velazco 2.0511 PROMETHEUS: Testing for an Integrated Cryobot Concept for Ocean World Exploration - Kristof Richmond 2.1304 In-Orbit Control of Floating Space Robots Using a Model Dependant Learning Based Methodology - Raunak Srivastava 11.0102 Prognostic Model Evaluation Metrics - Shashvat Prakash 5.0202 Portable & Automatic Launching Platform for High Altitude Balloons: Full Scale Testing - Nicholas Hennigan 4.0104 Deep Space Relay Architecture for Communications and Navigation - Kar Ming Cheung 12.0101 On-Orbit Demonstrations of Proactive Tasking of Glint Imagery - Ravi teja Nallapu  
9:20 AM (MT) 8.0402 Human Factors Evaluation of Spacecraft General Luminaire Assembly - Todd Treichel 2.0213 VISTA: Venus in Situ Transfer and Analysis Mission Concept - Noam Izenberg 2.0512 Leveraging Ingenuity Software and Avionics to Enable Robotic Arm Sampling for COLDArm - Alex Brinkman 2.1306 Applications of Terminal Sliding Mode Control for Rendezvous with Malfunctioning Clients - Bryan Hoskins 11.0103 MBSE Applications to Optimize Predictive Maintenance Scheduling in Military Aviation - Nathan Thompson 5.0301 Evaluation of Broadband Contrast of a 6-Meter Space Telescope Utilizing a Vortex Coronagraph - Erkin Sidick 4.0105 Multi-Platform Air-to-Space Laser Communication System - Aaron Freeman 12.0102 Opportunities for Team Development Based on Lessons Learned from Spaceflight Operations - John Goodman  
9:45 AM (MT) 8.0407 Physiological Correlates of Objective Situation Awareness Measurements - Kieran Smith 2.0215 Fifteen Years to Go beyond the Solar System into the Interstellar Medium - Ben Donahue 2.0513 Perseverance Rapid Traverse Campaign - Arturo Rankin 2.1312 Optimization of Multi-arm Robot Locomotion to Reduce Satellite Disturbances for In-orbit Assembly - Jean-Pascal Lutze 11.0104 Evaluation for the Appropriate Level of Use concerning PHM Applications on Maintenance Activities - Joseph Barta 5.0302 Opportunities for Next Generation Vector Vortex Waveplates - Nelson Tabiryan 4.0201 Application of Recent Reliable Transport Layer Advancements to DoD SATCOM Network Challenges - Theodore Richards 12.0103 CloudSat ACT-TWO: Restoring Science Mission Operations following Multiple Reaction Wheel Failures - Heidi Hallowell  
10:10 AM (MT) 8.0416 Trust in an Autonomous Guidance System and Resulting Behavior for a Planetary Rover Task - Jamie Voros 2.0216 Exploring the Outer Planets Sooner with SLS - Terry Haws 2.0515 Experimental Suspension for Wheeled Vehicles and Robots Aimed for Harsh and Off-Earth Environments - Daryna Budiakivska 2.1313 Render-to-real Image Dataset and CNN Pose Estimation for Down-link Restricted Spacecraft Missions - Andrew Price 11.0107 Fault Detection, Isolation and Recovery in the MMX Rover Locomotion Subsystem - Juliane Skibbe 5.0601 Autonomous Optical Sensing for Space-Based Space Surveillance - Alessandro Gardi   12.0105 Enabling Parallel Activities for Mars 2020 Rover Surface Operations - Rebekah Siegfriedt  
10:35 AM (MT) 8.0422 Handling Qualities Assessment of Manually Controlled Lunar Landing with Display Augmentation - Lynda Kramer 2.0217 Hyperfield - Hyperspectral Small Satellites for Improving Life on Earth - Michal SHIMONI 2.0516 Experimental Capabilities and Achievements of the Space Environment Dynamometer (SED) - Casey Clark 2.1314 Comparison of Reduced Order Spacecraft Charging Models for Electrostatic Proximity Operations - Julian Hammerl 11.0108 Time-series Anomaly Detection in Telemetry of ISS Providing the Reasons with FRAM and SpecTRM - Shota Iino 2.1202 A New Camera for Pan-STARRS - Richard Wainscoat   12.0106 Preparing for a Productive Low Power Future on the Curiosity Mars Rover - Reidar Larsen  
11:00 AM (MT)     2.0520 Qualification of the MMX Rover Locomotion Subsystem for the Martian Moon Phobos - Stefan Barthelmes 2.1315 Resilient Multi-Agent Collaborative Spacecraft Inspection - Changrak Choi 11.0110 Fault Detection and Diagnosis Techniques for Electric UAV Powertrain System - Rajeev Ghimire     12.0107 Ingenuity, One Year of Flying on Mars - Joshua Anderson  
11:25 AM (MT)       2.1317 Non-Cooperative Space Object Capture and Manipulation with Soft Robotics - Anthony Carambia 11.0111 Analyzing Fault Propagation and Designing Fault Containment for Aerospace - Reinaldo Perez     12.0108 Maneuver Development Orchestration for the Europa Clipper Mission - Ashwati Das-Stuart  
1:30 PM (MT)                  
4:00 PM (MT)                  
Wed, Mar 8 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1
8:30 AM (MT) 8.0810 Development of Stirling Power Convertors for Space Nuclear Power Applications - Scott Wilson 8.0503 The Efficacy of VR as a Countermeasure for Astronaut Motion Sickness in Post-Flight Water Landings - Taylor Lonner 2.0901 Initial Orbit Selection for Prioritized Ground Targets Using Coyote Optimization Algorithm - Aaron Hoskins 2.1001 Space-operating Linux: An Operating System for Computer Vision on Commercial-Grade Equipment in LEO - Eric Miller 7.0701 High-Performance Embedded System-on-a-Chip for Space Imaging Spectrometer - Didier Keymeulen 10.0110 Reachable Set Approximation in Cislunar Space with Pseudospectral Method and Homotopy - Robert Jones 4.0901 GNSS Interference Identification besides Jammer Classification - Yanwu Ding 13.0102 Technology Prioritization and Architecture Flexibility for Space System-of-Systems - Cesare Guariniello  
8:55 AM (MT) 8.0811 The Next Generation Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator – Power for Future Deep Space Missions - Aaron Weaver 8.0504 The Effects of Spaceflight and Microgravity Exposure on Female Astronaut Health and Performance - Nicole Strock 2.0909 Design of Optimized Lightning CubeSat Constellation for Detection and Localization of VHF Sferics - Ghulam Jaffer 2.1002 Development of the Energetic Charged Particle Instrument for the ESRA CubeSat Mission - August Gula 7.0806 Photonic Localization and Positioning Using Multi-Tone Continuous Wave Ranging Methodology - Ozdal Boyraz 10.0113 Verification of a Reduced-Order Extension Spring Model - Theresa Sandbrook 4.0902 Channel Rank Improvement in Urban Drone Corridors Using Passive Intelligent Reflectors - Ismail Guvenc 13.0103 A System Engineering Approach to Assess the Benefits of Additive Manufacturing for Rocket Engines - Joshua Buettner  
9:20 AM (MT) 2.0110 Using Mm-wave Observations to Maximize the CRISTAL Mission Cryosphere Science Applications - Sahra Kacimi 8.0506 Modeling Diverse Human Physiology during Aerospace-relevant Mission Profiles - Hrudayavani Vellore 2.0910 A Constellation Optimization Method for Nearly Continuous Observation of Arbitrary Sites - Shinsuke Takahashi 2.1003 Initial Results for On-Orbit Calibration of the FalconSEED On-board STPSat-6 - Carlos Maldonado 7.0807 Extracting Orbital Information from the Attitude Control System of a Spacecraft near Small Bodies - David Meßmann 10.0114 FModal: A Flexible Body Dynamics Modeling Pipeline for Guidance and Control - Carl Leake 4.0904 Advances in Modeling Solar System Internet Structures and Their Data Flows - Alan Hylton 13.0104 Decision Support for Additive Manufacturing of Space Satellite Systems - Qian Shi  
9:45 AM (MT) 2.0111 Psyche Mission Launch and Solar Array Deployment Phase - Leina Hutchinson 8.0507 Modeling and Simulation for Exercise Vibration Isolation and Stabilization System Design - Leslie Quiocho 2.0912 Integrated Science and Engineering Simulation Environment for Multi-Spacecraft Small Body Mission - Saptarshi Bandyopadhyay 2.1005 Are Older Astronauts Better Suited for Long-term Space Travel? - Lembit Sihver 7.08XX Reachable and Fuel-Optimal Trajectory Estimates for Electric Propulsion Spacecraft - Prashant Patel 10.0118 Evaluation of Parameter Sweeps for Computationally Efficient Infection Risk Analysis for Air Travel - Ashok Srinivasan 4.0903 Towards Time Synchronization in the Solar System Internet - Alan Hylton 13.0105 WORMS: Field-Reconfigurable Robots for Extreme Lunar Terrain - George Lordos  
10:10 AM (MT) 2.0112 How the TOPEX and Jason Satellites Revolutionized Oceanography and Redefined Climate Science - Parag Vaze 8.0508 Human Orientation Perception during Transitions in the Presence of Visual Cues - Jamie Voros 2.0914 Orbital Configurations for Large LEO Constellations Providing Navigation Services - Giovanni Palmerini 2.1006 Measurements of Ionizing Radiation Generated in Thunderstorms - Lembit Sihver 7.0902 Multifunctional Oscillating Structures for Slewing and Active Jitter Cancellation - FNU Vedant 10.0119 Distribution of Atomic Oxygen within the Internal Cavities of VLEO Satellites - Jonathan Walsh 4.0905 A Hybrid Automatic Gain Control Scheme for TDD Communication Systems - Richard Lahman 13.0107 Conceptual Design for a Space Debris Orbital Recycling Station Utilizing MBSE Approach - Tien-Yueh Fung  
10:35 AM (MT) 2.0113 Europa Clipper Mission: Road from System Integration Review to Launch - Narek Shougarian 8.0509 Human Thermal Analysis of Traverse and Geology Tasks during Simulated Lunar Extravehicular Activity - Bradley Hoffmann 2.0915 Design of a DeBris Removal & On-Orbit Maintenance Mission for Mega Constellations - DeBROOM2 - Leonard Felicetti 2.1007 System-Level Radiation Effects Modeling Using Temporal Fault Trees - Stephen Lawrence 7.0904 Geostationary, Multi-Carrier Mesh Network Enabled by on Orbit Reprogrammable Commercial FPGAs - Christopher Guerra 10.0121 A Single-pass Noise Covariance Estimation Algorithm in Multiple-model Adaptive Kalman Filtering - Hee-Seung Kim 4.0906 Contact Multigraph Routing: Overview and Implementation - Jacob Cleveland 13.0108 Leveraging System-of-System Modeling to Explore Massive Reusability for Cislunar Missions - Rodrigo Schmitt  
11:00 AM (MT) 14.06 PANEL: ISS Transition and the Commercialization of LEO - Robyn Gatens , Misty Snopkowski , Jacob Keaton , Christie Cox 8.0510 The Suited Injury Modes and Effects Analysis to Identify Top Injury Risks in Lunar Missions - Tessa Reiber   2.1101 Space Commercialization and the Rise of Constellations: The Resulting Impact on the Kessler Effect - Bettina Mrusek 7.0907 Multi-Microgrid Power Transmission Control for a Lunar Surface Power System - Marc Carbone 11.0703 Stress Propagation in Human-Robot Teams Based on Computational Logic Model - Peter Shmerko 4.0908 Lyapunov Theorems for Finite Time and Fixed Time Semistability of Discrete-Time Stochastic Systems - Junsoo Lee 13.0110 High Level Concepts for a Space Enterprise Portfolio Planning Framework - Dean Bucher  
11:25 AM (MT) 8.0511 The Need for a Systems Approach in Spaceflight Health and Medicine - Mark Shelhamer 8.0514 Elevation Changes and Slope That May Affect EVA Workload near Potential Artemis Landing Sites - David Kring       4.0910 Radio Frequency Interference Situational Awareness: A Control-Theoretic Sensor Fusion and Policy - Khanh Pham 13.0111 Lunar Surface Power Architecture Concepts - Luis Carrio  
11:50 AM (MT) 8.0513 Methods for Evaluating Sensorimotor Performance Using Augmented Reality and Wearable Sensors - Hannah Weiss         4.0914 Early Power Estimation of FPGA-based Digital Transparent Processors for 5G-satcom - Graziano Battisti 13.0314 Examining the Effects of Implementing Data-Driven Uncertainty in Cost Estimating Models - Victoria Nilsen  
1:00 PM (MT) 14.01 PANEL: Advances in Autonomy for Future Missions - Lorraine Fesq , Kerianne Hobbs , Issa Nesnas , Eric Dixon                
1:25 PM (MT)                
1:50 PM (MT)                
2:15 PM (MT) 14.04 PANEL:Progress and Plans for the Deep Space Human Explorationpratopm Architecture - Greg Chavers                
2:40 PM (MT)                
3:05 PM (MT)                
4:30 PM (MT) 8.0905 Development of a Hyperelastic Membrane Computational Model for a Satellite Thruster - Jakub Murawski 2.0802 Tropics Pathfinder Mission and Early Operations - Andrew Cunningham 2.0504 Mars Science Laboratory R13 Mobility Regression Testing - Peter Rollins 9.0117 CFD Simulations of an Experimental Hypersonic Test Bed Aircraft in Subsonic and Supersonic Regime - Felix Nieto 4.1001 Dynamic Binary Channel Delay Emulation with Picosecond-Scale Precision - Alexander Utter 6.0102 Microfacet Based BRDF Solar Cell Model Modification Using Experimental Data - Madilynn Compean 7.1101 Challenges in Power Management and Distribution for Robotic Systems in Space - Sascha Moser 9.0301 Design and Evaluation of a Novel Reversible Airfoil Mechanism - Kristan Hilby  
4:55 PM (MT) 8.0906 New Mission and Spacecraft Design Enabled Using MSAC - FNU Vedant 2.0805 Single-Event Lift Modulation Aerocapture for Small, Low-Cost Interplanetary Missions - Ye Lu 2.0505 Utilizing 3D-DIC on the Mars 2020 Rover Wheel Assembly: Test-Analysis Correlation - Jon Hamel 9.0127 Altitude Control with Vented Solar High Altitude Balloons (SHAB-V) - Tristan Schuler 4.1003 SWaP Reduction for Optical Crosslink Modem Using FPGA SERDES - Mark Kubiak 6.0103 Outgassing and High Voltage Breakdown Analysis of the SWOT Mission Ka-Band Radar Interferometer - John Alred 7.1102 Low EMI Planar Transformer for Isolated Cascaded Buck-LLC Converter - Thomas Cook 9.0303 Identification and Quantification of Unsteady Aircraft Dynamics through Sliding Correlation Analysis - Jeffrey Xu  
5:20 PM (MT) 8.0901 MIT Lincoln Laboratory Agile MicroSat Early Operations - Andrew Cunningham 2.0806 Eaglecam - a 1.5U Low-Cost CubeSat Mission for a Novel Third-Person View of a Lunar Landing - Daniel Posada 2.0506 Experimental Study of Alternative Rover Configurations and Mobility Modes for Planetary Exploration - Arthur Bouton 9.0133 Development of a Free-Flight Parameter Estimation Technique Using Physics-Informed Neural Networks - Nathaniel Michek 4.1107 Flexible User Radio for Lunar Missions - Roger Dendy 6.0104 System Level Availability Budget for the Multi-Vehicle Sun Radio Interferometer Space Experiment - Alan Didion 7.1103 Comparison of Multi-Phase Power Systems and PDN Design for Demanding Next-Generation Architectures - Nicholas Franconi 9.0306 Electric Propulsion System Optimization Using Performance Maps - Hak-Tae Lee  
5:50 PM (MT) The First Known Fragments from Hipparchus’ Star Catalogue: Using Multispectral Images to Decipher a Unique Document of the Birth of Science
Victor Gysembergh, Sorbonne Université

7:05 PM (MT) Dinner
8:05 PM (MT) Plenary: What Rapid Evolution Can and Can’t Do for the Future of Biodiversity and Ecosystems
Andrew Hendry, McGill University

9:00 PM (MT) 8.0913 Modular Low SWaP-C SmallSats with Advanced Communications for Space Exploration - Mehmet Adalier 2.0807 Towards Minimal Energy Sensor Deployment in Exo-atmospheric Environments - Philip Mulford 2.0507 Design of a Novel Lunar Transportation System (FLOAT) Using Diamagnetically-Levitated Robots - Allen Hsu   4.1109 Software Defined Radio Injection-Locking with a GPS Signal for Multichannel Coherent Receivers - Evariste Some 6.0105 Systems Test Strategies for the Psyche Orbital Operations Phase - Kristina Larson 12.0501 Autonomous Command and Control for Earth-Observing Satellites Using Deep Reinforcement Learning - Andrew Harris 9.0308 Analysis of an Urban Air Taxi Inner Loop Controller with Noisy IMUs in an Urban Airflow Environment - Tariq Maksoud  
9:25 PM (MT) 8.0916 A Cost Efficient Approach to Payload Thermal Control on the Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer - William Kalinowski 2.0808 Mars Atmospheric Radio Occultation (MARiO): CubeSat Mission Concept for Atmospheric Remote Sensing - David Sweeney 2.0508 Mobile Manipulation of a Laser-induced Breakdown Spectrometer for Planetary Exploration - Peter Lehner   4.1110 AERIQ: SDR-Based LTE I/Q Measurement and Analysis Framework for Air-to-Ground Propagation Modeling - Ismail Guvenc 6.0106 Quantitative Analysis to Find the Optimum Scale Range for Object Representations in RSI - Rasna Amit 12.0502 Science Autonomy and Planetary Missions: ML and Data Science Applied to the ExoMars Mission - Victoria Da Poian 9.0310 Speed Control for a Rotary Hydraulic Actuator Used in Aerospace Applications by a Solenoid Valve - Abdelfatah Aborobaa  
9:50 PM (MT) 8.0917 Fast MicroPython Controller for Flight Faults (FMCFF) - Hanna Vivien Werner   2.0509 Autonomous Rock Instance Segmentation for Extra-Terrestrial Robotic Missions - Maximilian Durner   4.1112 Frontier Radio – Multi-Lingual – a Next Generation Space Software Defined Radio - Matthew Angert 6.0206 Europa Clipper MAGGIE Shock Failure and Resulting Shock Mitigation Design Trade Study - Ryan Sorensen 12.0504 Resource-constrained FPGA Design for Satellite Component Feature Extraction - Andrew Ekblad 9.0311 Combined Docking-and-Recharging for a Flexible Aerial / Legged Marsupial Autonomous System - Prateek Arora  
10:15 PM (MT) Fireside Cheer
Thu, Mar 9 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1
8:30 AM (MT) 6.0706 Detection of Changes in Tracked Targets - Peter Willett 12.0208 The Evolution of Command and Sequencing at JPL: Origins and Flight Software Core Lineage - Matt Muszynski 10.0801 Towards a Biosignatures Image Detection System for Planetary Exploration with UAVs - Julian Galvez-Serna 7.0103 Evaluation of RISC-V Soft-Core Processors for Spaceflight Applications - Steven Malone 2.0617 Enabling Ice Core Science on Mars and Ocean Worlds - Alexander Chipps 6.0302 Direct Georeferencing for Hyperspectral Imaging of the Ocean Surface - Oliver Hasler 4.0401 Testing for the MMX Rover Autonomous Navigation Experiment on Phobos - Lukas Meyer 13.0301 Aleatoric and Epistemic Uncertainty Quantification in Bayesian Dirichlet Cost Rules of Thumb - Melissa Hooke  
8:55 AM (MT) 6.0901 Topological Simplification of Signals for Inference and Approximate Reconstruction - Gary Koplik 12.0211 The PUNCH Mission Planning System; the Next Iteration in Micro-Satellite Constellation Operations - Richard Medina 10.0802 Accelerating Rapid Class Augmentation for Object Detection in Deep Neural Networks - Hanna Witzgall 7.0104 ARMing the Next Generation of Spaceflight Embedded Platforms through Processor Reusability - Kayla Henderson 2.0618 Hardware Autonomy for Space Infrastructure - Greenfield Trinh 6.0801 A Multi-agent Guidance Scheme for a Cooperative Inspection of an Unknown Space Object - Mark Mercier 4.0402 The Optical to Orion Time of Flight Ground Processing System - Ryan Rogalin 13.0302 Cost and Considerations for Successful Implementation of Long Duration Space Missions - Kathy Kha  
9:20 AM (MT) 6.0902 Optimizing Heterogeneous Platform Allocation Using Reinforcement Learning - Xavier Brumwell 12.0215 M2020 Rover Heater Energy Correction Factors for Improving Mission Operations - Emma Nelson 10.0804 LunarNav: Crater-based Localization for Long-range Autonomous Lunar Rover Navigation - Larry Matthies 7.0105 Development of a High-Performance, Heterogenous, Scalable Test-Bed for Distributed Spacecraft - Caleb Adams 2.0620 Updates in NASA Policy and Practice in Planetary Protection - James Benardini 6.0802 Convex Optimization of Relative Orbit Maneuvers Using the Kustaanheimo-Stiefel Transformation - Jacob Willis 4.0405 3GPP Mobile Telecommunications Technology on the Moon - Bernard Edwards 13.0303 Math Is EZIE: How Contracts Help Control Cost - Rachel Sholder  
9:45 AM (MT) 6.0903 Kernel Based Method for Distributed Derived Feature Tracking in High Dimensions - Meryl Spencer 12.0221 Algorithmic Resource Allocation for Spacecraft Operations - Florian Strasser 10.0806 Pose Estimation for Rover-to-Lander Tube Transfer for Mars Sample Return - Nikos Mavrakis 7.0106 Evaluation of Xilinx Versal Architecture for Next-Gen Edge Computing in Space - Noah Perryman 2.0621 Mars Sample Return Sample Handling Technology Development - Paulo Younse 13.0203 An Open and Customizable Software Suite for Systems Engineering and Data Management - Fabian Adam 4.0407 Analysis of TDOA/FDOA State Estimation Accuracy for Cislunar SSA - Kullen Waggoner 13.0304 Estimating the Cost to Transition a Space System from Expendable to Reusable - Ryan De Freitas Bart  
10:10 AM (MT) 6.0905 Online Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Sensor Control - Denis Garagic 12.0223 Telemetry-based Digital Twin Environment for Space-Mission Development, Analysis, and Operations - Emily Newman